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Ship's BellThe Glasen-clocks uses acoustic signals to indicate the status of the waking hours during seafaring.

Origin: Since the 14th century, the empty glass of an hourglass was turned over and a signal was given with the ship's bell; every turning one strike more - until there were 8 chimes: then there was a change of guard and when the new guard turned the hourglass for the first time, the bell began again with one strike.

"Wheel clocks" have taken on the task of measuring time since the 19th century, but glassing with a ship's bell is still not unknown today.




Historical background

The term "Glasen" for the time calculation on seagoing ships is derived from the hourglasses, which were used to determine the time on board before the invention of the chronometer. It was a half-hour glass and a four-hour glass. The running down and turning of the half-hour glass was indicated by striking the ship's bell, the number of strikes being equal to the frequency of turning. This counting went up to eight, that is, according to a watch, and then began again with turning the four-hour glass. The corresponding times are "eight glasses" (start of the watch), "One glass", "two glasses", -, "seven glasses" up to again "eight glasses" (end of the watch).
Source: Wikipedia


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