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An overview of the developments of RBAppDev

Detailed information on the respective developments is available after making the appropriate selection!

PICTA PICTA, the all-rounder for diabetes management with insulin, CU/BU, glucose calculator and result analysis!

PaceOutPut PaceOutPut is a small calculator for pace and speed when running!

Glasen App Glasen, the ship's clock used in seafaring acoustic signals (glasses) indicate the status of the waking hours.
In addition, this clock masters the original sounds from "Big Ben" and from "Queen Mary 2 b>"!

SendMyPosition You can find me here!
S M P (SendMyPosition) transmits the coordinates of the current position to a known cell phone number.
This can be useful if someone absolutely needs to find me (e.g. a partner or a helper)!

BudgetPlan The planning is up to date again with just one swipe!
BudgetPlan keeps a close eye on personal consumption!