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You can find me here!

SMP (SendMyPosition) sends the coordinates of the current position to a known cell phone number. This can be useful if you really need someone to find me (e.g. a partner or a helper)!




SendMyPosition constantly reads and displays the GPS coordinates of your own position. This data can easily be made available to someone else via SMS. You can also add your own message.

The advantage of SendMyPosition is that the recipient can simply click on the message and then use Google Maps starts automatically in this position!



The operation of SendMyPosition is intentionally kept very simple.

First, a recipient telephone number must be entered. This can be entered manually below "Recipient" or it can simply be selected from the personal Contacts.

By clicking (removing the check mark) "with position" the transmission of position data can also be switched off. SendMyPosition then only transmits one message.
Clicking again puts the checkmark back in and the The following coordinate data is transferred completely:

 • the complete link to Google Maps with latitude and longitude (decimal),
 • if available: the possible address, or a nearby address,
 • optionally an additional, short text.

In addition to the position data, a short text can be transmitted. This can be entered under "Message".
It should be noted that an SMS can be up to 160 characters long; If more text is entered, a second SMS is created.
In order to keep an overview, the length of the entire message and the number of messages (SMS ) displayed in the heading of the message text.

By pressing "send >>>" the entire message is first checked for accuracy.
If an error is detected, a corresponding message appears at the top of the screen and can then be corrected. If there were no errors, the message will be sent immediately and the success will be displayed in the title!

If a recipient receives a message from SendMyPosition, he will immediately see the link with a reference to the position (address) and the additional text. If he clicks on the link, Google Maps automatically opens with this position!

The "empty" button deletes all entries made.

Pressing the country flag switches between English and German.

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